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We are out and about in Capricornia talking with locals about their issues and viewpoints.  We want be be sure the Capricornia Electorate knows Labor is listening.

That text message!

The text message debacle reported by The Morning Bulletin on 13/1/16 and created by a staff member of the Member for Capricornia did catch me by surprise I have to admit.  It is disappointing that attacks can become personal and venomous.  Hopefully the staff member has been suitable dealt with.  I also hope that the phone used to send the text message was a private one, and not the staff member's electoral office phone.  Text messaging services cost money and I would hate to think we have used  resources from Capricornia to attack the Member for Keppel and to a lesser extent, myself.  State Member of Keppel Brittany Lauga was well defended by her consistuents, showing how highly she is regarded in the community she serves, so enthusiastically and postively. Brittany is anything but a negative Nancy.

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Casualisation Curses Christmas

Spare a thought this Christmas for the growing number of people who have insecure employment or who are not received a fair living wage or basic employee entitlements.  Casualisation is creeping into our way of life as big companies go for short term profits over long term employee loyalty and community building.  What does casualisation really mean?  It means less job security, fewer conditions such as decent wages and a right to unfair dismissal protections, and uncertainty for families.  Increasingly I am hearing stories of people being trapped in long term casual employment arrangements, too scared to speak out for fear of dismissal.  At this time of year when families are up for higher than usual spending over the Christmas period, job security is even more important. 

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I'll stand up for penalty rates

As we leave the Christmas and new year period, I’d like to acknowledge those who performed vital services while the rest of us enjoyed some downtime over the festive season.  Emergency service workers and on-call officers continued to work over the break, providing reassurance, urgent assistance and support to those in times of need.  Likewise, defence service men and women were away from their families over Christmas.

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Families threatened by cuts

There are 8893 families who currently receive Family Tax Benefit A and 8557 families who currently receive Family Tax Benefit B living in Capricornia.  Yesterday in Parliament the coalition government threatened the financial security of these families through their proposed cuts to benefits.

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Domestic and Family Violence Leave

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics one in six Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or former partner.  When making the decision to leave or seek help, access to family friendly workplace arrangements helps provide reassurance and stability in an uncertain and troublesome time.

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Threats to Australian Hearing

Early in my teaching career, I taught a number of students with hearing impairments.  These children and their families taught me a lot about the challenges of being hearing impaired and the need to be an active advocate for services.  I learnt how to use sign language and in fact, our whole class was fluent in using signed communication for the deaf.  With some modifications and support, these children tackled all learning tasks and were great role models for our class. 

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