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We are out and about in Capricornia talking with locals about their issues and viewpoints.  We want be be sure the Capricornia Electorate knows Labor is listening.


15 Jan 2016

With an empty chair in the place of a Minister for Cities, now more than ever it is important to be talking about our regional cities. Unlike the government, Labor is getting on the ground in regional cities to listen to the urban policy challenges facing them.

Thanks to the leadership and initiative of Labor’s candidate for Capricornia Leisa Neaton, Labor’s Cities Taskforce will be visiting Rockhampton next week to meet with Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow and members of the community about the vital infrastructure projects in this growth area, as well as the challenges in achieving outcomes.

The Rockhampton region is central Queensland’s principal service centre, this will grow, especially if the federal government decides to take active steps to grow Australia’s second tier cities.

The growing numbers of people living in regional cities are not second class citizens and should not be treated as such.

If cities policy really is at the forefront of the government’s agenda, then Mr Turnbull needs to immediately appoint a minister in the area and stop ignoring the needs of Australia’s regional cities.

Leisa Neaton said: “Regional cities like Rockhampton deserve investment which contributes to growth in jobs for our young people and prosperity for our business, agriculture and tourism sectors.”

“We are the service hub for smaller centres and downturn in the mining centre is impacting the Rockhampton economy. The Turnbull government’s decision to roll out a slower, unfair NBN in this area will disadvantage our students, entrepreneurs, businesses and residents.”

“We deserve our fair share in regional cities,” she said.

Member for Charlton, Pat Conroy, will be in Rockhampton as part of the listening tour.

“Our nation’s future lies in strong, diverse and innovative regional economies, but we must remove the burden that distance from a major city currently creates.”

“Labor’s Cities Taskforce is travelling to regional economic hubs across Australia, just like Rockhampton, to identify what is required to see these centres flourish. We need to plan and to invest in regions like this one if we are to realise the opportunities that lie in developing strong regional cities.”



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