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That text message!

14 Jan 2016

The text message debacle reported by The Morning Bulletin on 13/1/16 and created by a staff member of the Member for Capricornia did catch me by surprise I have to admit.  It is disappointing that attacks can become personal and venomous.  Hopefully the staff member has been suitable dealt with.  I also hope that the phone used to send the text message was a private one, and not the staff member's electoral office phone.  Text messaging services cost money and I would hate to think we have used  resources from Capricornia to attack the Member for Keppel and to a lesser extent, myself.  State Member of Keppel Brittany Lauga was well defended by her consistuents, showing how highly she is regarded in the community she serves, so enthusiastically and postively. Brittany is anything but a negative Nancy.


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