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We are out and about in Capricornia talking with locals about their issues and viewpoints.  We want be be sure the Capricornia Electorate knows Labor is listening.

Casualisation Curses Christmas

05 Jan 2016

Spare a thought this Christmas for the growing number of people who have insecure employment or who are not received a fair living wage or basic employee entitlements.  Casualisation is creeping into our way of life as big companies go for short term profits over long term employee loyalty and community building.  What does casualisation really mean?  It means less job security, fewer conditions such as decent wages and a right to unfair dismissal protections, and uncertainty for families.  Increasingly I am hearing stories of people being trapped in long term casual employment arrangements, too scared to speak out for fear of dismissal.  At this time of year when families are up for higher than usual spending over the Christmas period, job security is even more important. 


We must stop this insidious threat in our mining towns, in our manufacturing sector and in our retail, hospitality and service industries.  We must stand up for rights at work for our current workers and for the next generation of workers.  Surely we are not afraid to raise our collective voices about our disappointment with sham contracting, the use of labour hire firms to deflect responsibility from employers and the growing incidence of underemployment and insecure work.  We must not allow the conditions which have been fought for by previous generations to be eroded by corporate greed.


I welcome the news that there will be a State parliamentary inquiry into labour hire companies suspected of breaking laws and not delivering fair wages and conditions.   Shame on the federal members for Flynn, Dawson and Capricornia for not speaking in unison with Jim Pearce when he has previously raised these issues.  Our elected representatives owe it to their communities to improve the workplace relations system and to stand up for the people in their electorates in the face of a challenge to the Australian ‘fair go’. 


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