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Families threatened by cuts

02 Dec 2015

There are 8893 families who currently receive Family Tax Benefit A and 8557 families who currently receive Family Tax Benefit B living in Capricornia.  Yesterday in Parliament the coalition government threatened the financial security of these families through their proposed cuts to benefits.

Cuts to Family Tax Benefits will hurt families already suffering from the rising cost of living stress.

A single parent family in Rockhampton or Sarina with a couple of students in high school could be more than $4,700 a year worse off because of the cuts that the coalition voted for in the Parliament.

Working couples on low and middle incomes with two students in high school will be around $2,600 a year worse off because of cuts to the Schoolkids Bonus and Family Tax Benefit Supplements.

These harsh cuts fail the fairness test - they will hurt millions of low and middle income families and should be rejected.

Labor will never compromise on fairness. I cannot understand why the coalition government wants to attack the conditions of average working families.  

We'll Put People First.

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