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We are out and about in Capricornia talking with locals about their issues and viewpoints.  We want be be sure the Capricornia Electorate knows Labor is listening.


27 Mar 2016

Labor’s candidate for Capricornia, Leisa Neaton, is ready to proceed to the polls, following news of Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to call a double dissolution election if legislation isn’t passed in the senate.

 “Whatever Malcolm Turnbull has in store for us, I'm ready for the fight ahead,” said Mrs Neaton.

"While the Abbott-Turnbull Government had been stringing us along with election teasers for weeks, Labor has continued to lead the policy debate.  We have positive plans for health, jobs, innovation and education for all Australians. I desperately want to see fairness restored.”

 Mrs Neaton, who has been critical of Malcolm Turnbull’s slow and inefficient NBN roll out, has also criticised the Abbott-Turnbull Government’s record in schools and hospitals.  She says she wants to see a government that will invest in our most important resource, our people.

“The hurt being inflicted on pensioners, the sick and young families must be halted.  Only a change of government will achieve this. The Labor Party isn’t afraid of a double dissolution election”.

 “Labor will stop the cuts to health and education, and invest in our schools and hospitals to reverse the damage caused by the Coalition. The past two and a half years have seen an unprecedented assault on jobs, on families, on pensioners and on young people.”

"The Member for Capricornia has supported these devastating cuts which have unfairly targeted those who can least afford it,” said Mrs Neaton.   

“People in Capricornia deserve better representation.”

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