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We are out and about in Capricornia talking with locals about their issues and viewpoints.  We want be be sure the Capricornia Electorate knows Labor is listening.

Harmony Day Pledge

27 Mar 2016

We, the people of the Capricorn Coast, stand together for Harmony Day 2016. We believe that a unified community is essential for peace, happiness and prosperity.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners: the Darumbal Nation and respect the spiritual significance they accord to the land.

We acknowledge the South Sea and Pacific Islander communities as part of our history and their contribution to our future.

We acknowledge the people from all nations who now call Central Queensland home.       

 Our community is inclusive, respectful and fosters a sense of belonging and connectedness.

We embrace and celebrate unity in diversity, we endeavour to reject prejudice and to support the freedom of religious and personal expression.

Through mutual understanding, respect and acceptance, we become the creators of harmony.  In unity, we strive to better our community, our country, and our world.

As a proud member of the Australian Labor Party I am committed to enduring Labor values.  The ALP is a movement in service to the nation we love, a country built on fairness, equality, justice and inclusion. 

We pay respect to the traditional owners of our ancient continent, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples, who have a continuing connection to this great land. They deserve their fair share of our nation’s prosperity and future.  

We celebrate the role of immigration, and cherish the multi-culturalism of our nation.  We believe in an Australia where migrants, refugees, and people of all traditions and faiths are respected, valued, welcome and equal. 

Labor’s National Platform speaks with the voice of our members.  With it, we pledge ourselves to the best of our traditions and the betterment of our nation’s future.  Harmony and peace, respect and acceptance helps us build a good society for all. 

We'll Put People First.

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