Meet Leisa

Leisa was born in Rockhampton in 1969 and has lived and worked in the Capricornia Electorate her whole life.  She is married to Michael, a carpenter by trade, and the couple live with their teenage daughter in Yeppoon.  Leisa has been the principal of the largest primary school in Central Queensland for the past decade.  She has a Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education and Masters in School Management, having completed all of her tertiary study at Central Queensland University.

Leisa believes all children deserve access to an education system that meets their needs and provides every opportunity to help them achieve their best.  Leisa values Medicare, and wants to be sure that adequate services are provided in rural and regional Queensland.  She is also committed to positioning Capricornia to take advantage of the jobs of the future.  Leisa understands the importance of job stability and wants a fair go for every worker.   Leisa believes Capricornia has an optimistic future, and that the Electorate is well served by our diverse industries, our rich agricultural, mining and tourism sectors and our educational precincts.  Leisa wants to be sure that the federal government knows Capricornia counts.  She wants fairness for all people in the Capricornia Electorate.


That's why she's committed to standing up for Capricornia.  She wants to see Capricornia receive its fair share.




We'll Put People First.

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